Era o Hotel Cambridge addresses the issue of the refugee / immigrant movement in connection with the homeless workers' struggle for decent housing in cities around the world. The film is a hybrid of fiction and documentary in which actors and real characters of an occupation in the center of São Paulo participate. The conviviality between different languages, worlds and cultures transforms the narrative into a rich polyphony of tragicomic situations. The windows of the building open to other worlds via the web, when refugees connect with their families and countries of origin left behind.   The preparation of the project took two years and was managed by a collective that allowed to transform the whole building (that is real conflict zone) in the creative set of the filming. This collective was composed of four main fronts: film production team; Leaders of the FLM (Frente de Luta pela Moradia); Group of refugees and nucleus of architectural students of the Escola da Cidade. Through workshops within the occupation came the raw material for the improvement of the script and the direction of art. The daring of the experiment ensured authenticity and dramatic force in the film.



Production: Brazil / France
Direction: Eliane Caffé
Producers: Rui Pires, André Montenegro, Edgard Tenembaum and Amiel Tenenbaum
Screenplay: Eliane Caffé, Luis Alberto de Abreu and Inês Figueiró
Executive Producer: André Montenegro and Rui Pires
Photographer: Bruno Risas
Art Direction: Carla Caffé and Escola da Cidade
Publisher: Márcio Hashimoto
Direct sound: Juliano Zoppi
Sound Editor: Miriam Biderman, ABC and Ricardo Reis
Co-production: Tu Vas Voir and Support
Production: Aurora Filmes

Technical Specs

Genre: Fiction
Brazil / France, 90 min, color
Direction: Eliane Caffé
Screenplay: Eliane Caffé, Luis Alberto de Abreu, Inês Figueiro
Company Producer: Aurora Filmes
Coproducer Company: Tu Vas Voir (France)
Coproducer Institution: Escola da Cidade
Photography: Bruno Risas
Art Direction: Carla Caffé and Escola da Cidade

Awards & Reviews

11th Fest Aruanda of the Brazilian Audiovisual (João Pessoa - PB)
Best Actress - Suely Franco
Better Long according to the Jury ABRACCINE
Best Long according to the Official Jury

8th International Film Festival of the Border (Bagé - RS)
Best Film - International Competitive Feature Film Show
Best Performance (Carmen Silva) - International Competitive Feature Film Show

Pachamama Festival - 2016 Frontier Cinema

40th São Paulo International Film Festival - 2016
Best Film Award - Popular Vote

18th International Festival of Rio de Janeiro | Première Brazil - 2016
Best Movie - Popular Vote
Best Montage

64th San Sebastian Festival | Horizontes Latinos - 2016
Honorable Mention - Spanish Cooperation Award

Hubert Bals Fund | Post-Production Support (Rotterdam International Festival) - 2015

63º Festival of San Sebastián | Cinema in Construction 28 - 2015
Industry Award

Prize - Support Île de France Region