KENOMA is the story of a craftsman who lives in a litlle town, in the interior of Brazil , who fights to see one of the oldest dreams of mankind come true: the building of an endless motion machine. The movie plot begins when Jonas, a walker, arrives at the little town of Kenoma and there remains, attracted by a girl named Tari. Inhabited by peasants, gold prospectors and local tradesmen, Kenoma is one of those villages that still lives primitively, an almost medieval life. Among its inhabitants, Lineu stands out, a craftsman who, for twenty years, devotes his life to one sole purpose: to end the forsaken old mill's reform. Nothing wrong with that, but the fact that Lineu has this incredible idea of transforming the mill's gear into a machine which could produce endlessly, with no fuel: the endless motion machine. Blind by the dream of introducing the first self-sufficient machine in Kenoma, Lineu turns his life into a series of attempts and failures.   In his quixotic quest, Lineu goes not only against physics - which frustrates every single attempt - but also against the anxiety and the plots of Gerônimo, the mill's owner and, consequently, the main opposer to this invention. A landowner, Gerônimo is the highest authority in Kenoma and a kind of benefactor for the village. Pragmatic, he also lives for one sole purpose: to turn Kenoma into a prosperous and modern city. Lineu's machine portrays the "shame" and the "waste" for him; an enterprise which takes time and energy, but never works. In this heaven and earth clash, Jonas, the walker, joins Lineu, though more fascinated by his determination than by his work. While this friendship between Lineu and Jones grows, so does Jonas's difficulties to win Tari's love. Beside one of the science oldest dreams - the building of the endless motion machine -, the characters build another gear: of interest, desire and conflict.


Technical Specs

Bitola: 35mm
Duration: 110 minutos
Year of Production: 1997

Technical Team

Direction: Eliane Caffé
Screenplay: Luis Alberto de Abreu and Eliane Caffé
Producer: Alain Fresnot
Executive Producer: Van Fresnot
Photography: Hugo Kovensky
Art Direction: Clóvis Bueno
Music: Grupo Uaktí


José Dumont
Henrique Diaz
Jonas Bloch
Mariana Lima
Matheus Natchergaelle
Eliana Carneiro

Awards & Reviews

XX Biarritz International Film Festival / 1998
- Best Film Award “SOLEIL D’OR”.
International Gava Film Festival/Spain/1999.
- Best Film, Best Director and Best Photography Awards.
- 55th Internazionale D’Arte Cinematográfica – La Bienale di Venezia (Prospettive)
- 23rd Annual Showing – Toronto International Film Festival
Brazil/Portugal Cinema Encounter
- Best Actor for José Dumont
Brasília Film Festival/1998
- Best Actor for José Dumont , Best Art and Scenography Director and Best Opening.
Brazilian Film Festival Miami/1999
- Best Screenplay, Best Art Director and Best Supporting Actor.
- The film was selected for the film festivals in Locarno, Rotterdam, among others.