Milágrimas - a term borrowed from a poem by Alice Ruiz - is the second dance and music show conceived by Ivaldo Bertazzo and the Community Dance project. On stage, 41 non-professional dancers perform choreographies that plot a connection between the cultures of Brazil and Africa. The soundtrack by Arthur Nestrovski and Benjamim Taubkin also includes two places: it is permeated by references to samba, Itamar Assumpção's urban music and South African a cappella singing, represented by the Kholwa Brothers group.   The box contains two DVDs with the whole of the show, scenes commented by the director, a documentary directed by Eliane Caffé on the work process of the Community Dance project, musical show of the soundtrack recorded in SESC Pompeia, testimonials of professionals involved in Community Dance, and Also the meeting of the regional director of SESC SP, Danilo Santos de Miranda, with the young people of the project.


Technical Specs

Genre: institutional documentary
HD, 60 min, 2005
Direction: Eliane Caffé
Photography: Cristiano Wiggers
Production: SESC - Social Service of Commerce São Paulo