"SOTRY TELLERS" A small poor community called Javé is under threat of being flooded by a new dam that is being built, and the only way to prevent this is to prove the town's historical value. As most of the inhabitants are illiterate, they have no choice but to ask for the help of Antônio Biá, a man who has been ostracized   ever since it was discovered that he had sent out letters with lies about their reputations as a way to keep his job in Javé's seldom-used post office. He now has the task of documenting people's memories of how the city was founded, yet each inhabitant has his or her own version of what happened.


Technical Specs

35mm, 100 min., 2003
Country: Brazil / France
Genre: Comedy
Direction: Eliane Caffé
Screenplay: Eliane Caffé, Luis Alberto de Abreu
Cast: José Dumont, Luci Pereira, Matheus Nachtergaele, Benê Silva, Nelson Xavier
Photography: Hugo Kovensky
Soundtrack: DJ Dolores, Santa Massa Orchestra
Production: Bananeiras Filmes and Gullane Filmes

Awards & Reviews

“STORYTELLERS” / Narradores de Javé – (fiction, 35 mm, 100’/2002).


3. Americas Film Festival (Quebec / Canada) 2004
-Best Feature Fiction Film Award
Un Cine de Punta Film Festival (Punta del Leste / Uruguay) 2004
-Mano de Ouro Best Film Award
XIX Mexican and Iberian-American Film Festival Guadalajara
-Honorable Mention Award by Official Jury
30th International Independent Film Festival Brussels
- Best Film and Best Screenplay Awards
International Federation of Cinematographic Press
- Best Film Award by FIPRESCI Jury – Freiberg Film Festival/Switzerland – 2003
International Cine de Punta Film Festival/Punta Del Leste
- Mano de Oro Best Film Award/2004
International Film Festival Rotterdam / Holland - 2003
-Selected for the Competitive Exhibition for the 32nd International Film Festival
International Film Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil - 2003
- Best Film
- Best Actor for José Dumont
- Best Film by Popular Jury
Cine PE – Audiovisual Festival – 2003
- Best Film
- Best Director
- Best Editor, Sound, Actor, Actress and Supporting Actress
- Critic’s Award – Best Film
- Gilberto Freire Award
3rd Ecocine – National Environmental Film and Video Festival
- Best Film
7th Graphic Design Bienal/2004
- highlight in TV, Cinema and Video Category
APCA Award/2005
- Best Screenplay
Critics’ Award – CINESESC/2005
- Best Director
TAM Award for Brazilian Cinema – 2005
- Best Screenplay
- Best Supporting Actor