"Chasing Voices” tells the story of a rugged man’s journey from the distant countryside of Brazil to the big city. The tale also recounts the transition of a violent and primitive soul to the possibility of redemption after a tragic break up.

Technical Specs

Brazil, 106 minutes
Year: 2009
Fiction, 35 mm, Dolby Digital Sound, Colorful
Genre: Drama
Direction: Eliane Caffé
Production: Van Fresnot
Executive Producer: Sonia Hamburger
Screenplay: Eliane Caffé and Luiz Alberto de Abreu
Cinematography by Pedro Farkas
Art Direction: Adrian Cooper
Editing: André Finotti
Costume Designer: Marjorie Gueller
First Assistant Director: Kity Ugly
Production of Main Cast: Fernando Cardoso de Sá
Production of Cast in Pará: Cláudio Barros and Zê Charone
Casting Producer: Cláudio Barros
Rental Production: Caíto Martins

Main Cast
Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos
Chico Diaz
Cláudia Assunção
Ary Fontoura

Awards & Reviews

33rd International Film Festival of São Paulo / 2009
- Critics Award for Best Brazilian Film
International Festival of Rio de Janeiro / 2009
- Best actors for Luis Carlos Vasconcelos and Chico Diaz